Cheapside Afterlife, by George Rawlins


You want coruscating imagery and serious slapstick verbal hijinks with fantastic mouth-feel? You want frolicking, untrammeled effusions that would make Fanny Hill kick up her skirts and yell for more? You want a supercharged drag-race through the heart of a “complete genius and a complete rogue,” father to the great Romantics, dead by his own hand at 17? You want cutting edge verse that makes your brain bleed with delight? You want George Rawlins’ Cheapside Afterlife my friend.

—Charles Harper Webb, author of Sidebend World


Sample Poem

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About this Author

George Rawlins was born and raised in southeastern Ohio. He has a BA from Ohio University and an MFA from the University of California, Irvine. His work has appeared in The Common, Illuminations, Nine Mile, Plainsongs, Sanskrit, Spinning Jenny, and elsewhere. He lives in California.