Available for Preorder: One Sky to the Next, by Christopher Buckley (Forthcoming in January 2023)


“Witness/participant, ‘blasé as a boulevardier/ in the spring Paris air,’ Buckley couples a lyric poet’s urgency with a storyteller’s feral patience: ‘claptrap until my heart started doing double-takes—/ the bus driver with my retreating hairline, the mechanic/ with my beard and a little wound of ink or motor oil/ leaking from his breast pocket.’ These poems will take you, reader, from ‘the edge/ of the cliff’ to ‘the tideline’ and ‘outside the Arlington Theater’ of a remembered matinee into a rumination on coyotes and stars.  From OneSky to the Next—both in, and out of, this world—one of the strongest collections I’ve ever read—keeps pulling me back.” —Roger Weingarten


Forthcoming in January of 2023